The Importance of Snacking to Loose Weight and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The Importance of Snacking to Loose Weight and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Snacking is often associated with unhealthy habits and gaining weight. People tend to eat unnecessarily when they’re bored, when they’re stressed, or when they’re traveling. Some people replace well-balanced meals with snacking. Snacking, however, is not actually a bad thing for your health or your fitness goals.

What many people fail to understand is that snacking and grazing throughout the day isn’t an unhealthy habit as long as you’re eating the right amount and type of food.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the biggest and most significant factor is that you are in a caloric deficit. Eating fewer calories throughout the day is tough on our bodies and our mindsets.


Many people try to cut out calories in extreme ways, and try to replace meals with lettuce, juices, and even water. Some people try their hardest to stick to three, healthy meals per day, and go hours between those meals with no food whatsoever.

Both of these habits can actually lead to binge eating, excess cravings and indulging in foods lacking in nutritional value. This type of self-sabotage is often not realized until the person steps on the scale and sees no progress.

So how does one who is in a caloric deficit avoid getting themselves into that situation?

Managing your hunger throughout the day by snacking can help you lose weight by maintaining your satiety and controlling cravings. By doing so, you won’t eat an excess of calories, binge at night, or be ravenous at your next meal, causing you to eat too much.

Let’s start with portion control. When you’re shopping for snacks, see if the thing you’re looking for comes in a snack- or fun-sized package. It’s easier for you to stop eating at the bottom of a bag than it is a quarter of the way through, so a smaller-sized bag will be your best option.

These packages will also have your complete nutrition information on them, so you can track how many calories or macronutrients you’re consuming.

Your other portion control option is to measure out your snacks into smaller containers or plastic bags. A food scale is your most accurate tool when measuring our your food, and can be found at any grocery store. This will also allow you to track your calories.

Next, it's time to change the food you are snacking on. Dump the snacks that have no nutritional value for ones that have fiber, protein, and vitamins and minerals to help fuel your body and keep you feeling good!


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Being conscious of your eating habits and food choices will make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy weight and reaching your fitness goals.