How Protein Snacks Can Prepare You For Flu Season

How Protein Snacks Can Prepare You For Flu Season

As Fall rapidly approaches, health experts are preparing for the flu season. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), influenza is most active during October and peaks from December to February. Clinics, retailers, and even employers have arranged for flu vaccines to be administered.

After getting the vaccine, it will take at least two weeks for a person’s body to develop antibodies to fight the influenza virus. For those who are anxious on the time it takes, there is hope.

Building Your Immune System

Food is a solid defense when dealing with ailments such as the flu. Artificial sugars and processed foods could disrupt the immune system, so keep their consumption to a minimum during flu season. Instead, eat more natural sugars like fruit. Fruit is a good carbohydrate and gives off the same effect as sugar with a lot of added effects such as Vitamin C in oranges.

Also, protein snacks between meals are a way to build immunity. Just like with eggs and yogurt, protein snacks like Ips Protein Snacks provide a source of protein that helps the body fight and recover cells damaged from viruses and bad bacteria. A multitude of Ips Protein Snacks per day, in combination with fruit, can develop an immune response that will counter illness. Berries and nuts are awesome flu fighters.Berries provide protection for cells, while nuts produce amino acids for the body’s recovery. Darker berries serve as flavanols (plant-derived nutrients) which are effective antioxidants that help our blood.

Add vegetables to the list of foods that build up the immune system. Leafy green foods can help develop a response to foreign bodies that may enter the human body. Garlic, ginger, and onion are effective prior to and during incoming illness. Don’t stop there. Vegetables are essentials in soup. A protein snack included with a meal rich in vegetables will help improve immunity. Go with a something savory like Ips Protein Snacks’ Sea Salt & Pepper and White Cheddar chips.

Trade the sugary drinks like soda and juices for water. Water is much better for the body. Although water doesn’t cure a virus, its presence can help move the toxins that harbor an illness.

Does the Flu Vaccine Prevent the Flu?

In 2017, The CDC reported that the flu vaccine reduces the chances of getting by 40 to 60 percent of the overall population.

The flu vaccine does provide some protection from the virus but not 100 percent. Some have decided not to get the flu virus due to claims that they catch flu after getting the shot.

How to Prevent the Flu?

There is no method that protects the body 100 percent from any illness. However, getting a flu shot in combination with eating healthy is a way to decrease the chances of getting it. Eat a protein snack as you go about your day. Ips  Protein Snacks can help boost your immunity and keep you from eating immunity busters like refined sugars and unhealthy fats. Practice healthy habits such as exercise and cleanliness.