4 Exercises You Can Always Fit into Your Busy Schedule

4 Exercises You Can Always Fit into Your Busy Schedule

“I’m too busy right now” is our go-to excuse for everything from neglecting to finish projects to getting out of plans with friends. When it comes to improving your health through exercise, making excuses can have bigger consequences than just missing out on your coworker’s birthday party. Take action today by trying these simple exercises that provide a great workout.

1) Sprint Intervals
Running is the easiest cardio exercise you can get into with little, to no experience. But, if you don’t have the time to run serious distances, you can always opt for a shorter workout.

Running long distances burns calories and increases your endurance. Short workouts that focus more on speed will also burn calories but have the added bonus of building muscle in your legs and core.

The best way to do sprints is in intervals, like workout shown below:

1. Sprint for 60 seconds
2. Jog for 2 minutes
3. Do 4 sets of these, and add sets over time as your speed and endurance increases

2) Overhead Walking Lunge
Overhead walking lunges combine two workouts into one, allowing you to work on your lower body strength while also toning your arms.

There are several variations of this exercise, but each involves the use of free weights or dumbbells.

1. Begin by holding both weights over your head, keeping your arms straight
2. Put one foot in front of you and begin lunging forward, keeping your back knee touching the ground
3. Try walking to the other side of the room. If walking is too difficult, perform the lunge in place

4) Planks and Plank Variations
Much like pushups, planks give your upper body a workout without the use of any weights or equipment.

Instead of just remaining in the plank position, try a variation that builds even more upper body strength.

1. Get into a push-up position
2. Place your weight on one arm and lift the other arm so that the space between you and the floor forms a right triangle (arm at a 90-degree angle)
3. Drop slowly back into the push-up position, and hold for 5 seconds
4. Repeat Step 2 for the other arm
5. Do 10 sets of these, and add more if time allows

4) Squat Jumps
Squat jumps combine the hamstring strengthening, butt building power of squats with the leg workout acquired naturally through jumping.

If you want to strengthen your lower body and have no time for the gym, then this workout is for you.

1. Get into the squat position, with your knees bent, back straight, and weight on the balls of your feet
2. Jump as high as you can, lifting both arms straight into the air
3. As you land, begin positioning yourself back into a squat
4. Repeat 10 times… Believe us, you’ll feel this one

Exercise can be as simple as doing these short workouts within the 30 minutes you have between tasks, so don’t fret if you don’t see a free day in sight. There’s always time to improve your health and your life.