protein + great taste = perfect!

protein + great taste = perfect!

feel good about snacking

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Ips Protein Snacks

Say goodbye to senseless snacking and hello to nutritious, delicious protein packed chips and pop! We’ll make your next snack-attack a mouth watering experience that will satisfy your cravings fast and keep the hunger at bay.

Regret-free, Satisfying Snacking

It’s your license to guilt-free munching! Your body needs protein to keep your energy levels stable and boost your metabolism. We’ve got your back with a convenient and tasty protein snack for when those cravings strike!

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Healthy Snacks For Every Body

Growing bodies need protein, too! Our chips and pop taste so good that the whole family will enjoy munching on them. That’s if you can bring yourself to share...

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A Snack Revolution

Our team of snack experts have carefully balanced the most important snack factors – great flavors, plenty of protein, a satisfying crunch and an easy-to-grab pack. What’s more perfect than that?!

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Meet Ips Perfect Chips

Gluten-Free | Non-GMO Corn | Ultra Bio-available Protein Never Fried | Nothing artificial | Certified Kosher

Perfect Chips

Ips Perfect Chips are the crunch you’ve been craving! Give your body the protein it needs with all the flavor and only half the fat of fried potato chips. With 6 grams of protein per serving (that’s as much protein as in a large egg) your tummy and your taste buds will be satisfied.

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Perfect Pop

Ips Perfect Pop takes popping-corn to a pop-smacking level! Available in Classic Salted or White Cheddar, both with 5 grams of protein per serving (equivalent to the protein in 20 almonds). That’ll satisfy both your cravings and your hunger.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate senseless snacking for the whole family. We serve great tasting and satisfying snacks that delight your taste buds and provide the protein your body craves.

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